This Illinois Hotspot is Known as “The Town That Time Forgot”

Galena is Illinois’ welcoming hillside historic getaway. It’s quaint charm and old timey atmosphere makes it a unique place to stop and explore. Where to Stay Galena is littered with cozy old bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels. If you want to be located in the heart of Galena then Ulysses Suites is for you.Continue reading “This Illinois Hotspot is Known as “The Town That Time Forgot””

Semester at Sea: My Experience, Advice, Pros + Cons

Instead of taking a job or going for a master’s degree right out of college I made the decision to travel the world. After researching travel programs I could go on as a post-graduate, I landed on Semester at Sea through Google. If you aren’t familiar, Semester at Sea is a four month long waterContinue reading “Semester at Sea: My Experience, Advice, Pros + Cons”

Mantras I Live By

As I’ve figured out what my passions are and have been learning more about myself everyday, I have come across certain phrases that have particularly resonated with me. This is a personal rather than travel topic to post, but it’s an important one if you’re interested in learning more about your author (that’s me!) WhatContinue reading “Mantras I Live By”

Best Christmas Activities in Chicago

Every year my Mom and I take an annual trip to Chicago in December to soak up the Christmas décor of the city. Since we were unable to go this year due to the pandemic, I was able to reminisce about my families past visits. Below is a list of my must-do activities to doContinue reading “Best Christmas Activities in Chicago”

My 48 Hour Flight Delay

I was able to go abroad for a global seminar to Ireland summer 2019, which was a blast, but it started off with my very own flight delay horror story. The trip consisted of twelve honors students, two teacher chaperones, and their wives. The sixteen of us were supposed to go from O’Hare airport inContinue reading “My 48 Hour Flight Delay”

Las Vegas and White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

My Dad, Uncle, Aunt, and I were able to take a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. When my Dad posed this trip to me for the first time I was nervous. I had never been white water rafting before and had noContinue reading “Las Vegas and White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon”

Ranking All the Fudge on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is known for many things, but the #1 thing is their fudge. There are seven places to get fudge on the island, so I tasted them all and ranked them on how good their classic, milk chocolate fudge was. 1. Murray’s Hotel Fudge Co. I was surprised by Murray’s fudge, it’s an unsuspectingContinue reading “Ranking All the Fudge on Mackinac Island”