Mantras I Live By

As I’ve figured out what my passions are and have been learning more about myself everyday, I have come across certain phrases that have particularly resonated with me. This is a personal rather than travel topic to post, but it’s an important one if you’re interested in learning more about your author (that’s me!)

What Other People Think of You is None of Your Business

As a person who thrives on feedback, in my personal life and at work, you wouldn’t think I’d love this concept as much as I do. It goes hand in hand with a person’s level of self-love and confidence. If someone loves themselves and they are confident in who they are, what does it matter what other people think of them? Nobody should change who they are for the sole purpose of appeasing someone else.

When it comes to personal reputation, ignorance is bliss. If someone doesn’t want to be around someone else, they won’t be. If they talk about a person behind their back, it speaks volumes that they don’t acknowledge it directly to them. Keep in mind, unless you have a close relationship people don’t care about the things we fixate on as much as we may think, saying one word out of place or having a bad hair day is something they likely don’t notice. Their life moves on just like ours.

Err on the Side of Audacity

This phrase is paraphrased from Sue Monk Kidd’s book The Invention of Wings.

Audacity is something I associate with spontaneity and gumption. As much as I’m proud of my sense of responsibility, I recognize that sometimes it holds me back from being bold at a moments notice. Caution, while sometimes good, can also lead to a lot of regrets. Doing things that are crazy and uncomfortable are what will make the best stories and fill a person with memories rather than “what ifs”.

I do think I embody this mantra when it comes to my goals in life. While I know some of my ideas and ambitions are more realistic than others, I don’t limit myself to what I think I can or can’t do with my future.

Take Your Dreams Seriously

This isn’t referring to the type of dream where someone has the ability to fly or someone is falling until they wake up to find themselves in bed, we’re talking goals, a person’s ideal life. People prioritize what’s important to them and if you prioritize what you want in life it will be much easier to attain.

If you don’t think you’re good enough to follow your dreams there’s a solution, grow your human capital. I may not be one to talk at the “ripe old age” of 21 about something like this, but I know enough to know it’s important. Invest in yourself, make yourself the ideal candidate for whatever your dream is. Whether that dream is to be a parent, land a dream job, or explore the world, you can prepare yourself no matter where you’re at now. If you don’t take your dreams seriously you’ll 100% never achieve them. Lots of people are comfortable in the life they have now, but if they treated their dreams like any other goal and took time to chase them, they would be much happier.

Remember, what you want out of life and what you think you can attain shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Everything Is Figureoutable

I owe this one to Marie Forleo. Her book Everything Is Figureoutable was something I had the pleasure of reading as part of an internship last summer. Oftentimes when things get difficult, many people give up. Everything Is Figureoutable is a phrase that embodies thriving in less than ideal situations. Sometimes bumps in the road can turn into memories. I know it sounds cheesy, but I like cheesy.

Be an Enthusiast In Life

Being excited on the day-to-day is a great way to go through life. There’s always something to look forward too, we oftentimes just don’t know what’s in store for us next. Some people find that fun, others find it terrifying. It’s all about looking at life as an adventure to look forward to.

Here’s an example, the day before a person decides to book a vacation, they don’t get the happy anticipation and gratification they felt leading up to it, why? That person didn’t know it would happen, otherwise they would have been excited earlier. A positive mindset can help a person realize that they have so much to look forward to and pursue in the future.

There will always be things we aren’t enthusiastic about, for me it’s doing math homework or helping my Mom clean out her closet. That being said, little things I enjoy like story writing, reading, or a good meal, are all things I can be enthusiastic about! Being present and aware enough in the moment to be able to acknowledge the little things you enjoy and get psyched up about it is half the battle.

In Conclusion…

Although these are all mantras I try to live by, they are also things I continue to work on and strive toward daily. I still care what some people think of me, sometimes in tough situations I get too frustrated to think of a solution, but I’m working on it. Having these mantras in my head as I go about life helps me to slowly grow into the person I want to be little by little.

3 thoughts on “Mantras I Live By

  1. Fascinating post, Katie! 😀

    Note that you have a typo in your last sentence (me/be) — I only skimmed what you wrote so far (I prefer to DL + read + perhaps review at my leisure).

    One question pops into my head right away: do you feel these mantras are your *OWN*? (if so, then living by them shouldn’t be difficult at all 😉 ) Yet note also that *NOTHING* actually is our own (this is a very complex bunch of ideas that I’m not able to unpack here / now, but if you want I could perhaps see if I can find something I’ve written that at least partially conveys elements of the idea).

    🙂 Norbert


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